Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 10, March, 2017

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Review Articles

5. Obesity in Dogs - A Mini Review

Authors: B. R. Shah, R. G. Jani and C. M. Bhadesiya


6. Radical Agents for Tackling Pest Infestation, Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs): A Review

Authors: G. Aravindarajan, T. Anandmurty, K. M. Devananda and S. A. Bangale


7. Genes Deciding Virus Spread in Plants

Authors: Smitha Bhasi and Viji. M.M


Research Articles

11. Effect of Cover Crops on Yield of Hybrid Cotton in Vertisol

Authors: Bharti R. Tijare, Kubde K. J. and Kokila G. Bhople


14. The Study of Profitability of Mushroom Cultivation in Kashmir

Authors: Bhanwar Lal Jat, Dev Kishan Jat, Devendra Singh Pushkar Choudhary, Iftekhar Ul Akbar and Rajveer Singh Rawat


15. Shelf Life Studies on Nankhatai Incorporated with Germinated Brown Rice

Authors: Mounika, B., Suchiritha Devi. S., Uma Maheswari, K., Hemalatha V. and Jessie Suneetha, W.


16. Determination and Optimization of Process Parameter for Osmotic Dehydration of anola Using Sugar Syrup and Salt

Authors: S. M. Sasmila Bai, Anjineyulu Kothakota, G.K. Rajesh, K. Lavanya and A. B. Kubde


17. Effect of Post Harvest Treatments on Bio Chemical Properties of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Cv. Kesar

Authors: A.C. Dalvadi, A.M. Butani, K.D. Dodiya, T.M. Chaudhari and R.D. Trambadiya


21. Physico-Chemical Change in Minerals and Anthocyanin Content of Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) Based Blended Squash Beverage During Storage

Authors: Rashad Ahmad Sherzad, K.N. Sreenivas, B. S. Sreeramu, Doreyappa Gowda, I. N and Umadevi S. Hiremath


23. Management of Maize Leaf Blight caused by Bipolaris tetramera

Authors: H. D. Patel, R. L. Meena, R. V. Thakkar and A. Chattopadhyay