Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 8 - Issue 3, February, 2015

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Review Articles

1. Impact of Climate Change on Insect Pests

Authors: Kavita M. Beeraganni, Manisha Meena, Nazaneen N. Shaikh and Narendra Kumar


Research Articles

3. Estimation of pH of Soymilk on the Properties of Soy Protein Lipid Film

Authors: Sivashankari. M, Akash Pare, B. K. Yadav and A. Santhakumaran


10. A Case Study on Amalorpamatha Women Self Help Group in Theni District

Authors: M.V. Karuna Jeba Mary, V. Ravichandran and N.Sujeetha


16. Effect of Organic Manure and Biofertilizers on Yield and Yield Attributes Characteristic of Cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. Var. Capitata) cv. Golden Acre

Authors: Jayant Kumar, D.B. Phookan, Narayan Lal, Harendra Kumar, Kavita Sinha, Mainu Hazarika, Ajit Kumar Dubedi Anal and Ramesh Kumar


18. Information Needs of Tribal Tomato Growers of Vadodara District

Authors: Sagar D. Rathwa, Sunny Jani and Mahesh R. Patel


32. Evaluation of Botanicals and Bioagents against Phytophthora Root Rot in Citrus

Authors: Rashmi Pente, R. M. Gade, Y. K. Belkar and Priya Shinde


Short Communication

51. Rationale for Considering Eco-Farming in Climate Change

Authors: Utobo Emeka Benjamin and Esakkimuthu M.