Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 18, May, 2017

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Review Articles

2. Management of Salt Affected Soils for Sustainable Crop Production

Authors: Chiranjeev Kumawat, Sushil Kumar Kharia, V.K. Trivedi, R.K.Meena, Sunil B.H. and Ravina Pawar


Research Articles

7. Bio Efficacy and Residual Trials of Diuron 80 WP Formulation Against Weeds in Maize

Authors: S. Pradeep Kumar, D. Sudha Rani, M.N. Venkatesh, P. Ratna Prasad


8. Eco-Friendly Management of Wilt of Cumin Through Bio Agents and Organic Amendments

Authors: Sanju Choudhary, Shailesh Godika, G.R. Jakhar and R. K. Jat


10. Effect of Feeding Different Levels of Moringa (Moringa oleifera) Leaves on Growth Performance of Mehsana Goat Kids

Authors: S.V. Damor, M.M. Pawar, K.J. Ankuya, Y.M. Gami, A.K. Srivastava, H.D. Chauhan and K.R. Chaudhary


16. Heterosis Studies for Seed Yield and Yield Contributing Characters in Cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp]

Authors: A. G. Pampaniya, J. P. Makati, A. J. Rathod, R. S. Ganvit and H. R. Patel


17. Identification of Suitable Seed Dressing Fungicides for the Management of Barley Loose Smut

Authors: P.S. Shekhawat, R. Selvakumar Harshraj Kanwar and B.D.S. Nathawat


21. Proximate Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Green Gram Varieties

Authors: B. M. Bindu, B. Kasturiba and Sarvajna B. Salimath


33. A Study on Different Systems of Tenurial Arrangement in Farming at Korba District in Chhattisgarh

Authors: Prishila Kujur, Megh Raj Chandrakar, Arundhati Raj and Sarita Painkara


37. Constraints Faced by Farmers Living in Drought Situation of Gujarat

Authors: Mahaveer Choudhary, R.B. Patel, G.G. Chauhan and J.B. Dobariya


39. Drying Kinetics of Unripe Jackfruit under Convection

Authors: Abhay Kumar Thakur, Md Irfan Ahmad Ansari and Pramod Rai


40. Correlation Studies of Physico-Chemical Compositions of Garlic Powder

Authors: S. V. Bondre, A. M. Sonkamble, S. R. Patil and S.D. Deshmukh