Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 28, July, 2017

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Review Articles

1. A Critical Overview on Various Physiological Disorders of Mango (Mangifera indica L.)

Authors: Priyanka Singh, S. P. Singh, Durga Prasad Moharanaand Anand K. SinghPriyanka Singh, S. P. Singh, Durga Prasad Moharana*and Anand K. Singh


2. Effect of Organic Sources on Soil Health Improvement and Growth of Soybean-Wheat Cropping Sequence

Authors: S. N. Potkile, V. M. Bhale, J. P. Deshmukh, M. S. Dandge and P.V. Shingrup


4. Methods for Effective Transfer of Technology in Rural Areas: An Overview

Authors: P. Kushram, R. Singh, R. Vishwakarma and S. K. Singh


Research Articles

8. Variability Induction Studies for Vegetative Characters Through Physical and Chemical Mutagens in Turmeric cv. Prathibha

Authors: M. Lakshmi Madhuri, M.L.N. Reddy, K. Giridhar, A.V.D. Dorajee Rao and K. Uma Krishna


19. Frontline Demonstration to Enhance Yield of Soybean in Ropar District of Punjab

Authors: Jagdish Singh, Harinder Singh, Sanjeev Ahuja, Ashok Kumar


20. Yield and Economics of Soybean under Integrated Weed Management Practices

Authors: Atul S. Patil, Monika S. Bhavsar, Rajanikant B. Ghagare and Gayatri S. Koli


21. Dissipation and Persistence of Flonicamid in/on Okra Fruits

Authors: N. P. Pathan, T. M. Bharpoda and K. D. Parmar


25. Evaluation of Different Grains Spawn for Cultivation and Yield of Pleurotussajor-caju

Authors: Bhisham Kumar Sinha, Narayan Prasad Verma and Ishu Kumar Khute


28. Evaluation of Bio Efficacy of Insecticides Against Sucking Pests of Rice and their Effects on Natural Enemies

Authors: Gajendra Chandrakar, Navneet Rana, Yaspal Singh Nirala and Richa Choudhary


30. Product Protocol Standardization of Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) Based Blended Squash Concoction and Its Storage

Authors: Ahmad Sherzad, K.N. Sreenivas, H. Mohamad Tayeeb Ulla, Sayed Esmail Emran and Abdulsaboor Dawlatzai


31. Influence of Preharvest Spray on Physical Characteristics of Sapota cv. Kalipatti Fruits

Authors: P.J. Gondaliya, Y. N. Tandel, Kajal Rathva and Anisha Gangode