Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 11 - Issue 8, February, 2018

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Review Articles

9. Sponge Gourd an Underexploited Cucurbit

Authors: Abhijeet, Prashant Kaushik and Moolchandra Verma

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Research Articles

12. An Effective Protocol for In Vitro Shoot Multiplication in Withania somnifera

Authors: Shinde Umesh Dnyaneshwar, Arpita Mahobia and Ashish Choudhary

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15. Impact of Water Soluble Fertilizers Through Drip on Growth and Yield of Brinjal (Solanum melangena L.)

Authors: Padmanbha, K., Sreekanth, H. S., Hanumanthappa, D. C., Hadimani, H. P., Anil Kumar, S. and Mahanthesh Jogi

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24. Impact of Vaccination to Manage the Newcastle Disease in Rural Poultry

Authors: Alok Kumar Deshwal, Sriram Dadhich, R.S. Tailor and D.K. Mishra

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26. To Identify the Best Suited Intercrop for Kinnow Orchard

Authors: Bhupendra Kumar, Doman Singh Tekam and K.P.Singh

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Short Communication

34. Nutrient Management for Mustard Using Soil Test Crop Response Technology

Authors: Kunal Chandrakar S. K. Verma, Ravish Kesari and Saket Dubey

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37. Studies of New Herbicides on Weed Growth and Yield of Soybean

Authors: Pundas, G.K. Shrivastava, A.K. Verma and S.K. Dwivedi

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