Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 19, May, 2017

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Review Articles

3. Periodontitis in Dogs – A Review

Authors: R. Ambily, E. P. Athulya and M. Mini


5. Soil Potassium Management: Issues and Strategies in Indian Agriculture

Authors: Ibajanai Kurbah, SP Dixit, Sushil Kumar Kharia and Sunil Kumar


6. Biotechnological Approaches in Tomato

Authors: K. Karthick, G. Prasath, M.T. Andrew Peter Leone, M. Satham Hussain and Rakesh Kumar


7. The Impact of Biotechnology in the Healthcare Industry

Authors: E. Archibald, D., Danquah-Amoah, Amit Alexander Charan and Sonia Morya


8. Role of Abscisic Acid hormone Signalling in host-pathogen interaction

Authors: Gopi Kishan, Rahul Kumar Tiwari, Manish Kumar, Nitin Kumar Garg


Research Articles

13. Boron and NAA Response to Flowering and Yield of Coconut

Authors: Kanzaria D.R., Polara N.D., Patel H.N., Chitroda R.L., Malam V.R., Chovatia R.S. and Ghelani Y. H.


25. A New Variety GAVD-1 of Anethum sowa L. for Alternate Use

Authors: T. T. Patel, D. R. Patidar, J. P. Bhatt and R. R. Acharya


39. Management of Flag Smut of Wheat through Cultural Practices

Authors: P.S. Shekhawat, Harshraj Kanwar, B.D.S. Nathawat and Virendra Kumar


54. Efficacy of Fungicides Against Rice Blast and Sheath Blight Pathogens

Authors: Ramesh Babu Surapu, P. Srinivas and Narayan Reddy


67. Performance Evaluation of Power Thresher for Soybean Crop

Authors: R. R. Gajbhiye, M. D. Nikam and A. M. Wankhade


71. Constraints Faced by Vegetable Growers in Mau District of Uttar Pradesh, India

Authors: Ramvinay Pal, D.K. Singh, Bhagyashree Patilkhede, Angad Prasad, Shalu Kumar and D.S. Sahu


73. Spatial Integration of Bengalgram Markets in India

Authors: M. Srikala, V. Subramanyam, T. Ananda and M. Venkatesu


74. Physical and Mechanical Properties of Particle Board from Mixed Species

Authors: Mallappa Sangappa Meti, Kapil Sihag and D P Khali


78. Effect of Polyamines on Bio-chemical Parameters of Mango (Mangifera indica) cv. Kesar

Authors: M. Ravi Venkanna Babu, G. Narayana Swamy, A. Kireeti and T. R. Ahlwat


85. Exogenous Application of Polyamines Improves Shelf Life of Mango (Mangifera indica) cv. Kesar

Authors: M. Ravi Venkanna Babu, G. Narayana Swamy D. Thirupal and T. R. Ahlwat