Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 40, October, 2017

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Review Articles

1. Comparison of Various Economic Traits in Divergent Stocks of Chicken: A Review

Authors: Prajwalita Pathak, Vivek Kumar Nayak and Rebeka Sinha


Research Articles

16. Screening of Tomato Hybrids for Bacterial Wilt Disease Through Artificial Inoculation Methods

Authors: Dheemanth T L, Prakash B G, Fakrudin B, Honnabyraiah M K, Mallikarjuna Gowda A P. , Mohan Kumar S and Arti Karosiya


19. Mechanism of Transmission of Tobacco Streak Virus in Cotton

Authors: Arti G More, B.M Ilhe and Kalpanabai A.Kandele


22. Role of Women in Fisheries Sector Inveraval, Gujarat

Authors: Anjali Pushp, R. B. Vala and Anand K. Verma


37. Soil Test Based Integrated Fertilizer Recommendation for Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Bahour soil series of U.T of Puducherry

Authors: M. Vetrivel, U. Bagavathi Ammal, R. Sankar, K.Coumaravel, K.C. Ayyoob and Pradip Dey


48. Effect of Different Intercropping Systems on Growth and Yield of Rose (Rosa indica L.)

Authors: Utsav Devdhara, S. T. Bhatt, Dipal Bhatt, H. V. Vasava and Trupti Dodiya


50. Impact of Nutrients Under Intercropped Coconut Based Cropping System

Authors: Beena Singh, P. K. Salam, K. P. Singh and Rajesh Kumar Patel


51. Reticulocyte Count by Flowcytometric Method in Tripura Population

Authors: Arup Bhaumik, Sandeep Roy Sarkar, Payel Chakraborty, Biswajit Chowdhury


56. Effect of Waterlogging on Physiological Parameters of Sugarcane (Saccharum spp.)

Authors: Akshay N. Kudache, Ajay V. Narwade, S. C. Mali, S Sree Ganesh and Vivek N. Zinzala


60. Efficacy of Biocontrol Agents Against Didymella bryoniae Under Field Conditions

Authors: Mukesh J Patel, V.A. Solanki, K.B. Rakholia and M. D. Khunt


64. Host Range of Tobacco Streak Virus

Authors: Arti G More, B. M Ilhe and H.D. Gangawane