Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 9, March, 2017

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Review Articles

1. Minimal Processing of Fruits and Vegetables – A Review

Authors: Thushara T. Chandran, C. Mini and G.S. Aparna


3. Sheep Rearing Systems and their Productive Performances –A Review

Authors: S.A. Kochewad, L.R.Meena, Sanjeev Kumara, Vikas Kumar and L.K. Meena


Research Articles

7. Effect of Vermicompost and FYM on Growth, Yield and Quantity of Green gram under arid Zone Ajmer (Rajasthan)

Authors: Bhanwar Lal Jat, Devendra Singh, Pushkar Choudhary, Gajendra Singh and Gudelly Shiva Raju


8. Effectiveness of Integrated Pest Management Modules in Suppression of Major Insect Pests in Rice

Authors: H. R. Sawai, B.N. Chaudhari, D. B. Undirwade, D. V. Durge and S.L. Borkar


10. Standardization and Preparation of Protein Rich Multigrain Bar

Authors: P.M. Chilkawar, D.M. Shere, A.T. Taur and V. S. Pawar


22. Fattening of Mud crab, Scylla Serrata on different feeds in Coastal Zone of Karnataka

Authors: C. Rajanna, A.V. Swami, H. Shrinivas, M. Hanumanthappa1, and N. Shambhulingappa


24. Influence of Postharvest Treatment on Fruit Quality of Amrapalli Mango

Authors: S.K. Senapati, S.C. Sahoo, G Mishra and Amrita Mohapatra


Short Communication