Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 9 - Issue 3, February, 2016

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Research Articles

5. Genetic Analysis in Pearl Millet

Authors: B. V. Suryawanshi, H. T. Patil and R. K. Gavali


8. Study The Benefits of Cold Chain Infrastructure in Nagpur

Authors: N.K. Bodkhe, S. Warade, A.D. Harne, A.D. Deshmane and U.D. Ikhe


9. Correlation Studies on Population of Major Sucking Pests of Bt Cotton with Relation to Weather Parameters

Authors: D. R. Chavan, H. S. Babu, K. B. Ramesh, P. R. Zanwar and M. K. Manjunatha


11. Effect of Newer Insecticides on Population of Ladybird Beetles and Spiders in Bt Cotton Ecosystem

Authors: D.R. Chavan, M.K. Manjunatha, K.B. Ramesh, H.S. Babu and P.R. Zanwar