Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 7 - Issue 21, November, 2014

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Review Articles

Research Articles

5. Drumstick Leaf Nutrient Status and Utility in Commonly Consumed Food Enrichment

Authors: Savitha, H. N., Madalageri M. B., Prakash M. Ganiger V. M. and Bhuvaneswari, G.


7. Management of Gerbera Leaf Spot Caused by Alternaria alternata, Under Protected Cultivation

Authors: K. T. Apet, J. S. Jagdale, P. G. Chavan, A.S. More and Mirza, F.N. Baig


9. Effect of Various Culture Media on Cultural and Morphological Characteristics of Alternaria alternata

Authors: K. T. Apet, J. S. Jagdale, Mirza F.N. Baig, S. S. Wagh, and P. G. Chavan


38. Abundance and Diversity of Soil Arthropods in the Areca Nut Garden Ecosystem

Authors: Adarsha, S. K., Naveena, N. L., Vidyashree, A. S. and Kumara, B.B.