Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 8 - Issue 22, November, 2015

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Review Articles

2. Phosphorus Application in Fodder Cowpea- A Review

Authors: Anjum Ahmad, Eshu Sahu and Devendra Dewangan


3. A Review: Breeding for Oil Quality in Rapeseed and Mustard

Authors: J.L. Salam, N. Mehta, A. Tiwari and S. K. Nag


4. Exploiting Fruits and Vegetables for Development of Probiotic Products

Authors: Mamta Thakur, P. N. Satwadhar and H. W. Deshpande


7. Biotechnological and Nanotechnological Approaches for Better Plant Health Management

Authors: Pranab Dutta, Pranjal Kaman, Himadri Kaushik and Sarodee Boruah


Research Articles

10. Screening of Tomato F2:3 Families Derived from the Cross Vaibhav x Anaga for Bacterial Wilt Disease

Authors: Ambresh, H.B Lingaiah, B Fakrudin, T.H Singh R. Venugopalan, A. Mohan Rao and B. Amruta Bhat


13. SaIinity Stress in Vegetable Crops

Authors: Ravneet Kour and Munish sharma


21. Studies on Variation in Seedling Strains of Acid Lime in Bijapur District of Karnataka

Authors: Shambhulingappa N, D. R. Patil, Vinod Godi, Ragavendra. G. Bhimappa Beesanakoppa


32. Effect of Different Creep Feeds on the Growth Performance of Konkan Kanyal Kids

Authors: H. R. Agare, B. G. Desai, A. P. Galande and R. M. Kapgate


34. Transferability of Rice Microsatellite Markers (STMS) Across Cool Season Crops

Authors: A.K. Pathak, Rajesh K Gupta, A B Mandal and P. Ray Choudhury


41. Comparative Studies and Correlation Between Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Chitosan from Marine Sources

Authors: Abhijeet B. Muley, Avinash S. Thorat, Sunil G. Dalvi, Mohammed. Talib, Vishal R. Parate


43. Genetic Variability Studies in Egyptian Cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.)

Authors: Balakrishna, B., Chenga Reddy, V., Lal Ahamed, M., Rama Rao, G and Srinivasa Rao V.


45. Induction of Dormancy in Non Dormant Groundnut cv. KCG 2

Authors: K. S. Jagadish Gowda, R. Siddaraju, K. C. Narayanaswamy, H. Manjunath and H.M. Mahesh


46. Fungi Associated with Post Harvest Diseases of Mandarin Orange

Authors: P. J. Mahajan, R. A. Raut and S. A. Pansambal


47. Physico-Chemical Attributes of Ready-to-Use Flavoured Sapota Powder

Authors: Patel J. G., Desai C. S., Patil S.J., Desai C.D. and Patel P.C.


49. Management of Antharacnose of Chilli Caused by Colletotrichum capsici

Authors: S. G. Owe, M. N. Ingole, S. T. Ingle and M. S. Gaikwad