Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 32, August, 2017

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Review Articles

Research Articles

6. Benefits Derived from Group Farming Approach in Aurangabad District of Maharashtra

Authors: Sunildutt R. Jakkawad, Rajendra C. Sawant and Dinesh M. Lomte


17. Integrated Nutrient Management of Soil and Plant Nutrients in Rice-Gingelly-Maize Cropping System Through Integrated Farming System

Authors: K. Maruthupandi, C. Jayanthi, M. Balusamy, S. Mathivanan, M. Maheswari and S. D. Sivakumar


18. Characteristics of Banana Growers in Jalgaon District

Authors: M. A. Patil, C. D. Badgujar and A. A. Bhagat


26. Effect of Integrated Management on Leaf Curl of Tomato

Authors: M.V. Sable, S.J. Magar, A.B. Vidhate and A.P. Sasane


28. Constraints and Suggestions of Bt Cotton Growers in Northern Dry Zone of Karnataka

Authors: Prabhu Iliger, N. Narasimha, N. R. Gangadharappa, H. Chandrashekhar, M.T. Lakshminarayan and Mukund Joshi


29. Trend in Cotton Production in Nanded District of Maharashtra

Authors: K.P. Kulkarni, Jadhav M.C. and Jainab Sharief


30. Knowledge and Adoption Soil Reclamation Measures by the Farmers

Authors: Chetana A. Konde, M. K. Rathod and Shubhangi G. Parshuramkar


32. Evaluation of Groundnut (Arachis hypogea L.) Genotypes for Morphological Traits

Authors: M. Y. Ladole1, V. A. Mane, A.A. Shinde and A. R. Bhuyar


36. Marketing of Chickpea in Bemetara District : A Microlevel Study

Authors: Neelam Sinha Magendra, K.N.S. Banafar and Prishila Kujur


38. Heritability and Genetic Advance in Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

Authors: Rajasekhar Palli, D. Wilson and Bandla Srinivas


39. Genetic Variability in Ash Gourd [Benincasa hispida (Thunb.) Cogn.]

Authors: Mukesh Kumar Bairwa, Amit Dixit1, Pravin Kumar Sharma and Ashwini Ananda


44. Heterosis and Inbreeding Depression in 12 Genotypes of Field Pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Authors: Dinesh Prasad, P.S.Shukla, J.S.Chauhan and Purti Chaturvedi


45. Development of Radish Fiber and Dried Carrot Based Ready to Cook Idli Mix.

Authors: Maibam Sushima Devi, Parimita, P. Arora and L. Suraj Singh


46. Economics of Paddy Under Different Organic Manure Sources

Authors: A.A. Shaikh, K.V. Kulkarni and N.T. Kunjir


52. Effect of Homa Ash on eco-physiological Characters of Glycine max L. Kaipad

Authors: Chaturvedi Purti, R. C. Arya and Agnihotri Rajneesh K.


54. Assessment of Post Harvest Diseases and Pest of Mango cv. Kesar

Authors: K. B. Rakholiya, N. G. Mayani and K. B. Jadeja


59. Physiological Disorders and Quality Improvement by Appropriate Remedies in Fruit Crops

Authors: Meera Solanki, Farheen Halepotara, Jignasa Rajatiya, Preeti Gohil, B. K. Adodaria, H. N. Patel, V. R. Malam and D. R. Kanzaria


60. Canopy Management, Yield and Quality Improvement through Paclobutrazol in Fruit Crops

Authors: Farheen Halepotara, Meera Solanki, Preeti Gohil, Jignasa Rajatiya, Disha Dadhaniya, H. N. Patel and V. R. Malam


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