Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 17, May, 2017

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Review Articles

1. Diseases, Pests and Disorders of Mango Fruit and Their Control

Authors: Bijendra Kumar Singh, Akhilendra Verma and Kulveer Singh Yadav


2. Shifting Cultivation: A Threating & Faulty Land Use System in North-Eastern Parts of India

Authors: Suryakanta Behera, Subodha Tanaya Panigrahi and Minakshirani Pradhan


5. Role of Biotechnology in Floricultural Crops: An Overview

Authors: Kulveer Singh Yadav and Bijendra Kumar Singh


6. Retrograde Signalling: A Way of Signalling from Chloroplast to Nucleus

Authors: Nitin Kumar Garg, Ajeet Singh, M. K. Samota, Gopi Kishan


7. Towards Mitigating Malnutrition in Pulses through Biofortification

Authors: Chetan Kumar Jangir, Sandeep Kumar, Hansa Lakhran and Ram Swaroop Meena


8. Baby Corn : An Emerging Crop in North India

Authors: Sushil Kumar Kharia, Lalchand Malav, Avinash Goyal, Chiranjeev Kumawat and Mahesh Samota


Research Articles

10. Combining Ability Studies for Quality Triats in Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Authors: Praveen Yadahalli, V. Srinivasa, G. Sowmya and Heena, M. S.


13. Correlation Among Plant Parameters in Banana cv. Basrai

Authors: A.Y. Survey C. D. Badgujar and M. S. Patil


14. Impact of Leaf Thickness on Biochemical, Yield and Quality Parameters of Grape Genotypes

Authors: S.D. Ramteke, S.D. Parhe, U.V. Deshmukh, Vikas Urkude, S.R. Bhagwat


19. A Study on Knowledge of Potato Growers of Pune District

Authors: R.B. Kalamkar, S.S. Karde and A.S. Kumbhar


22. Types of Biomedical Waste Generated in Hospitals

Authors: Swati Srivastava and Ritu Singhvi