Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 9 - Issue 5, March, 2016

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Review Articles

1. Studies on Effect of Seedling Age and Transplant Density on Growth, Yield and Quality of Rabi Onion in Chhattisgarh Plains A Review

Authors: Deepika Chandravanshi, Vijay Kumar, Pravin Kr. Sharma1, Deepa Chandravanshi, Chetna Banjare and Omesh Thakur


Research Articles

2. Effect of Integrated Weed Management on Rabi Sorghum

Authors: Swapnil P. Deshmukh; V. P. Usdadia and L. K. Arvadiya


7. Effect of Sulphur Sources and Levels on Growth, Yield and Quality of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Authors: R. R. Sisodiya, N.B. Babaria, D.V.Parakhia, K. B. Parmar, L. C. Vekaria


9. Training Needs Assessment of Coconut Growers- A Critical Study

Authors: Krishnamurthy, A. T, Meti.S.K and Sathish.H.S


10. Effect of Varieties and Spacing on Quality of Cut Chrysanthemum

Authors: A. Shashank, D. M. Panchbhai, Nellipalli Vinod Kumar and Ravindra Ajmeera


11. Marketing of Goats Around Nagpur City

Authors: S. R. Todkar, D. N. Sawant, A. B. Tad and P. J. Sawant