Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 7 - Issue 17, September, 2014

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Review Articles

2. Advances in Post Harvest Handling of Grapes: A Review

Authors: S. Senthilkumar and R. M. Vijayakumar


Research Articles

12. Genetic Diversity Analysis for Yield Attributing Traits in Parental Lines of Hybrid Rice

Authors: Arpita Shrivastava, D. K. Mishra, G. K. Koutu and V. Prakash


15. A Study on Banking Services Availed by Rural Customers

Authors: Kotresha S S, Ananthnag K, Bharathi B and Girisha K


28. Genetic Divergence Studies in Green Gram (Vigna radiata L.)

Authors: Mohan. S, A. Sheeba, E. Murugan and S.M. Ibrahim


30. A Report on Occurrence of Morchella sp. from District Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh

Authors: Siddhant, Ruchira Singh, C.S. Singh and R.S. Kanaujia


32. Characters Association and Path Coefficient studies in Maize (Zea mays L.) under Rabi Conditions

Authors: Amit Kumar Dixit, Anshuman Singh, J. P. Shahi, Prabhat Kumar and Ravish Kumar Singh


36. Genetic Analysis of Yield and Culm Strength Related Traits in Kodo millet (Paspalum scrobiculatum L.)

Authors: Sreeja, R., Subramanian, A.2, Nirmalakumari, A. and Kannan Bapu, J.R.


40. Path Analysis Studies in Early and Medium Maturing Advanced Potato (Solanumtuberosum L.) Hybrids

Authors: N. Santhosh, K. M. Indiresh, Prakash, M. Padmaraja, S. R. and M. Puneeth


41. Evaluation of F1 Hybrids in Oriental Pickling Melon for Yield and Quality Attributes

Authors: G. N. Thyagaraj, Puttaraju, T. B., N. Santhosh, S. R. Padmaraja and Prakash, M.


44. Prevalence of R. similis and Fusarium Wilt Complex of Banana in Southern Karnataka

Authors: B. M. Dinesh, N. G. Ravichandra, B. M. R. Reddy and Y. M. Somasekhara


46. Biology of Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) on Tomato Varieties and Weed Host

Authors: L. Ramazeame H. Khader Khan, S. Vijayakumar and J. Jagatheeshwari


48. Sustainability of Ginger Cultivation under Different Land Holding Systerms

Authors: Navaneeth, Chinnappa B, Dhananjaya Swamy P S and Nagaraj


51. Efficacy of Botanicals for the Management of Sorghum Shoot Fly

Authors: Parteti S. R., Kalinkar A. S. Gurve S. S. and Gawande R.W.


52. Biorational Management of Sucking Pests of Cowpea Vigna sinensis L.

Authors: Khade K.N., A.S. Kalinkar, S. S. Gurve and S.R. Shinde