Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 8 - Issue 21, November, 2015

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Review Articles

3. Vision for Organic Foods: A Review

Authors: Shazia Husain and Sarojini Padhan


Research Articles

11. Ethanol Production from Dairy Industry Waste – Whey

Authors: R. Shreelavaniya, V. Eswari Thai, A. Gideon Zadok Soloman, R.kumaraguru and P. Venkatachalam


17. Genetic Variability and Association Analysis in Aromatic Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Accessions

Authors: Vikas Kumar, N. K. Rastogi, Pratibha Chandraker and A. K. Sarawgi


22. Chemical Composition of Burfi with Addition of Honey

Authors: S. N. Wadhave, S. U. Suryawanshi and R.R. Shelke


26. Isolation and Characterization of Compost Accelerating Microbes

Authors: Gauri Gogoi, Pranamika Sharma, Preeti Buragohain, Amrita Phukan and Rajen Baruah


40. Incidence of Phytophagous and Predatory Mites in Cereal Crops

Authors: Shwetha, S., Hosamani, A. C. Shabbir, K and B. Thirupam Reddy


45. ABA Induced Seed Dormancy and Climate Resilience in Proso Millet

Authors: Anil Sebastian, S. N. Vasudevan, B. Kisan and Sangeeta I. Macha