Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 35, September, 2017

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Review Articles

Research Articles

5. Molecular Diversity Studies in Bread and Durum Wheat through SSR Markers

Authors: Verma Lokesh, N.R. Potdukhe, Swati G. Bharad, S.J. Gahukar and J.P. Khatod


9. Resource Use Efficiency in Maize and Its Competing Crops in Uttar Pradesh

Authors: Kuber Saran Verma, Harshika Choudhary and P. S. Badal


12. Impact of IPM Technology on Spodoptera Litura Using Pheromone Traps in Groundnut

Authors: S.B. Nandanwar, G.P. Deshmukh, S.B. Dighule, G.B. Choudhari, S.B. Gawade and S.S. Patil


18. Characterization of Rice Cultivars, Hybrids and their Parental Lines Based on Chemical Tests

Authors: H. P. Ranjitha, Rame Gowda, N. Nethra , H.E. Shshidhar, M.P. Rajanna and P. Balakrishna


24. Hybrid Vigour Studies for Yield and its Component Characters in Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

Authors: Arpita A. Patel, D. P. Gohil, A. D. Kalola, A. Balwani and J. N. Patel


25. Feeding and Management Practices Followed by Buffalo Owners in Umred Tehsil of Nagpur District

Authors: Meenal Golhar, S.G. Gubbawar, V. G. Atkare, Suchita Bhosale and Laxmi Patil


27. Impact of Weather Parameters and Application of Pesticides on Economics of Mustard Crop (Brassica juncea) in Allahabad

Authors: Nagaraju Dharavath, Biswarup Mehera, Sandeep Rout, Satyendra Nath and Sitanshu Sekhar Patra


33. Studies on Preparation, Sensory Evaluation and Cost Configuration of Carrot Juice Yoghurt Drink

Authors: Laxmi Patil, V.G. Atkare, A.S. Ingole, Suchita Bhosale and Meenal Golhar


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