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Export Performance of Onion


College of Agriculture, Sonai, Taluka Newasa District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

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India is a traditional exporter of Onion. Immediately after independence in 1951-52. The country was exporting over 5000 tones of onion stared expanding, rapidly during the sixties and reached a peak level of 427 thousand tones in 1996-97. Over the years there has been a progressive increase in the export of onion from India. Being a traditional exporter India exported 1783820MTof onion during 2008-09 with total value of 283428 Rs. lakh which is record quantity after the export was canalized through NAFED. The major export destinations of onion are Bangladesh, Malaysia, UAE, Srilanka and Nepal.Until 1998 onion exports from the country was canalized through the National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED). After 1998 other 12 canalising agency were added by government of India for onion export. In a view of the above, the study was undertaken with the following objectives.1. To study the growth in export of onion. 2. To study the instability in export of onion 3. To examine the export competitiveness of onion.The study of growth in export of onion was studied by using exponential function. The instability in export was studied by coefficient of variation and cuddy and dell instability index. To study of export competitiveness NPC (Nominal protection coefficient) was used. The performance of exports with respect to growth in quantity, (8.32) value(14.94), and unit price (6.11) of export of onion showed positively significant. Cuddy and Dell's instability index showed that onion has high instability in export in terms of quantity (67.07%), value (108.12%) and unit value (36.29). The NPC for Onion is 0.57%. Thus export competitiveness indicated that there is wide scope for increasing the export of onion.

Keywords: Export, Performance, Onion

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