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Effect of Variability in Genotypes on Major Insect Pests of Green Gram


Anand Agricultural University, Anand, Gujarat

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A field experiment was conducted at Regional Research Station, Anand to investigate the variability and resistance against pests on different green gram genotype during kharif 2017. Results revealed that the genotype ANDGG- 13-01 was produced maximum number of pods per plant (37.15) along with maximum grain yield (1380 kg per hector), maximum plant height (56.41 cm) and branches per plant (3.85) where as NKM -15-08 found maximum pod length (8.48 cm) and 100 seed weight (4.44g). SKNM -14- 01 genotype found very early physical maturity (89.25 days) with minimum days to 50 per cent flowering (39.00 days). Consideration of insect pests NKM 15-08 genotype was found minimum thrips (1.35 thrips per leaf) and whitefly population (2.85 whitefly per leaf) while minimum jassid population (0.04 per leaf) in GM 4 genotype. SKNM -12-06 had less number of bugs population (0.14 bug per leaf). The spotted pod borer Maruca vitrata minimum larval damage was observed in NKM 15-08 genotype. Comparatively less mosaic incidence (1.16 per cent) was observed in NKM 15-08. The based on present studies ANDGG-13-01 and NKM -15-08 and SKNM -12-06 can be used for further breeding study regarding yield improvement.

Keywords: green gram, variability, insect pests, yellow mosaic virus

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