Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 11 - Issue 1, January, 2018

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Review Articles

Research Articles

4. Economic Analysis of Advantageous Crops in Selected Tahsils of Nagpur Division

Authors: Komal R Bhaskar, R. G. Deshmukh, P. S. Deshmukh and A. S. Tingre

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7. Heterosis Studies in Rice Hybrids Involving CMS Lines

Authors: I. S. Thakare, S. G. Deshmukh, M. S. Naware and P. D. Peshattiwar

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8. Evaluation of Genetic Diversity in Soybean Germplasm Accessions by ISSR Marker

Authors: Preeti Painkra, Rajeev Shrivastava, Sunil Kumar Nag and Nirmala Bharti Patel

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10. Influence of Mulberry Cultivars on Development of Bombyx mori L. Hybrid

Authors: S.V. Khandare, P.N. Dawane, K.P. Budhvat and Sawai H.R.

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Short Communication