Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 11 - Issue 11, March, 2018

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Review Articles

2. Role of Allelopathy in Organic Farming

Authors: S. Jaffar Basha, S.Balaji Nayak and S.Khayum Ahammed

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Research Articles

5. Assessment of Physiological and Haematological Profiles of Crossbred Calves from Birth to Three Months of Age

Authors: Milap G. Sedhiya, A. M. Pande, M. M. Pathan, S. P. Madhira, K. N. Wadhwani and Anju Yadav

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10. Ftir Spectroscopic Analysis of Biochemicals Synthesised in the Mature, Immature Aril of Michelia chamapaka Linn.

Authors: Parvathy S Nair, Ajith Kumar K.G., Gayatri G.P, Sunil Kesava Deth G. and Dinesh Babu, K.V.

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12. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Acalypha indica and Cleome viscosa in Different Environmental Condition

Authors: Parvathy S Nair, Ajith Kumar K. G., Gayatri G. P, Sunil Kesava Deth G., Dinesh Babu, K. V.

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24. Runoff Prediction from Small Agricultural Watershed Using GIS and SCS Curve Number Method

Authors: Janhavi, P. Katre, D. Khalkho, M. P. Tripathi. and Pushpendra Kumar Singh

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Short Communication