Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 42, November, 2017

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Review Articles

8. Genetic and Divergence Analysis in Advanced Lines of Bread Wheat - A Review

Authors: Pranay Mohan Kabir, R. S. Shukla and Abhishek Kumar Shukla


Research Articles

9. Heterotic Studies in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Through Line x Tester Analysis

Authors: G.S. Sahane, S.S. Nichal, R.D. Ratnaparkhi, E.R.Vaidya and V.B. Girnare


22. Dissipation and Persistence of Profenophos in/on Brinjal

Authors: R.V. Patil, C. S. Patil and B. V. Deore


23. Isolation and Characterization of Protease from Pseudogymnoascus sp. Strain Bpf6

Authors: Deepak Chauhan, Mohd. Shahnawaz, Majid Iqbal Butt and Sanjay Sahay


25. Sarcosine Alleviates Thermal Aggregation of Bovine Serum Albumin

Authors: Iqra Shafi Mir, Rouf Maqbool and Mohd Younus Bhat


28. Collection, Isolation and Screening of Fungal Isolates with Potential to Degrade Chromium

Authors: Majid Iqbal Butt, Deepak Chauhan, Mohd. Shahnawaz, Fakhar Shehzad, Touseef Hussain Trak and Sanjay Sahay


Short Communication