Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 43, November, 2017

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Review Articles

1. Plant Proteins and their Health Effects: A Review

Authors: Paras Porwal, Dilip Kumar and Sudhir Kumar


Research Articles

3. In vitro Synthesis of 1,4-Dihydropyridines: An Anticancer Molecule

Authors: Mohd. Yaseen Sirwal, Mohd. Shahnawaz and Kamal K. Kapoor


4. A Checklist of Acrididae (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) of Uttar Pradesh, India

Authors: Sahar Mobin, Hirdesh Kumar and Mohd. Kamil Usmani


7. Characterization of Chromium Degrading Fungal Isolates Using Its Gene Sequencing

Authors: Majid Iqbal Butt, Deepak Chauhan, Mohd. Shahnawaz, Fakhar Shehzad, Touseef Hussain Trak and Sanjay Sahay


21. Varietal Screening of Bottle Guard Against Gummy Stem Blight Disease

Authors: Mukesh J. Patel, V. A. Solanki, K. B. Rakholiya and M. D. Khunt


27. Performance Evaluation of Irrigation Canals in the Middle Gujarat Region

Authors: J.B. Bhimani, S.K. Raul, S.V. Baria, A.J. Patoliya and M.M. Damor


31. Impact of KVK Training on Development of the Vegetable Growers

Authors: B. Mallick, A.K. Parida, D.K. Swain, and S.Pattanayak