Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 10 - Issue 30, August, 2017

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Review Articles

1. A Review: Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Herbal Plants

Authors: T. H. Solanki, M. M. Goswami and M.M. Goswami


Research Articles

4. Impact of Meteorological Factors on Sex Pheromone Trap Catches of Cotton Bollworms in South Gujarat

Authors: G. R. Bhanderi, R. D. Patel, H. R. Desai, Prashant Sandipan and B. G. Solanki


6. Quality and Economics of Groundnut (Arachis hypogeae L.) as Influenced by Tillage and Nutrient Management Practices

Authors: T. Bhagavatha Priya, V. Chandrika, V. Sumathi, K.V. Naga Madhuri, C. Ramana and V. Umamahesh


7. Rice Puffing Characteristics of Some Selected Varieties

Authors: Lalit Kumar, N.K. Mishra, S. Patel, D. Khokhar and Anita Lakra


11. Attitude of CROPSAP Beneficiaries Towards Integrated Pest Management

Authors: Sujitkumar Roham, Shweta Karadipatil, Rohit Shelar and Arvind Desai


13. Heritability Studies in Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.)

Authors: Pawar M. B., Patel S. R., Patel H.N., Patil S. S., Dinisha A., Patel N.N. and Srivastava A.


14. Flaking Characteristics of Selected Varieties of Paddy

Authors: Anita Lakra, D. Khokhar, S. Patel, N.K. Mishra, P. S. Pisalkar and Lalit Kumar


26. Effect of Process Variables on Drum Drying of Peanut Milk

Authors: V. A. Naliapara, V. M. Sejani and S. P. Cholera


27. PGPR Helps in Alleviating Salinty Stress in Wheat Plant

Authors: Meena, Nayantara and Baljeet Singh Saharan


Short Communication

37. Surgical Management of Fetal Mummification in HF Crossbred Cow

Authors: S.P. Desai, T.V. Sutaria, H.K. Thumar, V. L. Solanki, P.M. Chauhan and V.K. Sharma