Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 8 - Issue 12, June, 2015

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Research Articles

3. A Review on Backyard and Integrated Poultry Farming Systems

Authors: Sagar Surendra Deshmukh and N Venkatesa Palanichamy


14. Economics of Weed Management in Lawn

Authors: Siddappa, Likhitha Raj, Geeta B. L., K.V. Jayaprasad and M.T. Sanjay


17. Screening of Rice Genotypes for Iron Toxicity Tolerance Through Hydroponics

Authors: M. Amaranatha Reddy, Rose Mary Francies, C.R. Elsy, Jiji Joseph, P. Suresh Kumar and P.S. Abida


22. Heterosis in Relation to Gene Action in Chickpea

Authors: Jairam Amadabade, Anju Arora1, Hemant Sahu and Mithilesh Kumar Singh


25. Opinion and Economics of Farm Women of Community Milking Centers on Improved Dairy Management Practices

Authors: Yogamani, K.S., Ullas, M., Giridhara, Vishwantha Hadagali and Bharath Kumar, T.P.


30. The Occurrence of Different Bioagents of Spodoptera Litura Fabricius in Cabbage

Authors: P. H. Rabari, D. A. Dodia, A. Y. Davada and B.C. Patel


37. Horizontal and Radial Spreading of Water in Soil on Drip System

Authors: D.V. Tathod, Y.V. Mahatale and V. K. Chavan


39. Effect of Different Grades on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Popped Makhana

Authors: Kumar Sandeep, Rachna Sehrawat, Anit Kumar, Khalid Basir and Kumar Satya Prakash


45. Evaluation of Bio-efficacy of Bispyribac Sodium 10 % SC against Major Weeds in Rice Nursery

Authors: Rohitashav Singh, Rekha,Gajan Pal Singh, Jodhpal Singh and Ram Pal


49. Heterosis Study in Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench)

Authors: S. J. More, K. N. Chaudhari, D. R. Bhanderi, S. N. Saravaiya and S. L. Chawla


50. Heterosis Studies in Tomato for Yield and Quality Traits

Authors: Md Samiyoddin, M. Narayana Swamy, Mahboob and Shafeeq L. B.