Trends in Biosciences Journal, Volume 11 - Issue 9, March, 2018

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Review Articles

1. Probiotic from the Human Milk and its Role in Health of the Infant

Authors: Shradhdha M. Gondaliya, Vimal M. Ramani and Disha P. Senjaliya

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2. Towards Classic to Towards Healthy: A Normative Study

Authors: S. Appasmandri, Chandra Sen and Saket Kushwaha

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Research Articles

14. Pollen Fertility and Pollen Tube Growth of Honey Tree (Madhuca indica L) of Western Uttar Pradesh

Authors: Suman Lata, Dushyant K. Singh, Gunjan Dhakrey, Purti Chaturvedi and Rajneesh K. Agnihotri

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15. Genetic Analysis of Cellulose Degrading Bacteria in Kasaragod Dwarf Cattle

Authors: M Deepthi, K Bhavana, Agnisrota Mazumder, Kumar Arvind and Tony Grace

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Short Communication