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Status, Prospects and Challenges of Yeast as Bio-Control Agent in Management of Post-Harvest Diseases of Fruit Crops


Agriculture University, Kota, Rajasthan

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Post harvest losses of fruit crops in India are high due to varying temperature and humidity conditions. Losses in fruits are estimated to vary between 20 and 30%, valued at nearly 8000 crores annually, depending on the variety of fruit and the postharvest handling system. The application of fungicides to fruits after harvest to reduce decay has been increasingly reduced due to the development of resistance in phytopathogens to many key fungicides, lack of new molecules, negative public perception regarding the safety of fungicides and consequent restrictions on fungicide use. Biological control of postharvest diseases has emerged as an effective substitute and several biocides are available in the market. One of the foremost constraints with biological management of postharvest disease is inconsistency in the efficacy of the formulations. The limitations of biocontrol products can be addressed by enhancing biocontrol through genetic and environmental manipulations and integration with other alternative methods that, alone, do not provide adequate protection but, in combination with biocontrol, provide additive or synergistic effects.

Keywords: Post harvest losses, resistance, Biological control, biocides and Yeast

Page No.: 517-524

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